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Big Don's Movie Review October 2002
by Don March
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Big Screen: These are movies that should be seen on the big screen for full effect.  
Must See?   These are great movies and worth the trip to the show, but are fine on Video.
Video Must: These movies are great on video but might not be worth the ticket price.
Video:    A good video pick definitely not worth the ticket price.
Last choice: If all the good videos are rented, this might give a chuckle.
Special: These are Bad movies that might have some unique appeal.

On the Big Screen
RED DRAGON starring Anthony Hopkins and Edward Norton
A fitting prequel to the Hannibal legacy.  This movie is actually a remake from a movie made in 1986.  The movie starred  William L. Peterson ( He is the lead in the hit series CSI ) it was originally called Red Dragon Tales of the FBI Manhunter, then was retitled Manhunter.   The original was a good movie, in its own right, Red  Dragon is much better, it even rivals Silence of the Lambs.  The movie starts almost 15 years before Silence of the Lambs, in the 1980ís when Hannibal is first captured.  The main story follows the top FBI profiler who captured Hannibal as he goes to the incarcerated Lector to help on another case.. Lector almost killed him the first time, he is retired from the FBI and is very leery to get involve in another case.  There is so many excellent ties, to all three of the other movies.  Characters the previous movie reprise their roles in this one, even a few from the original Manhunter movie.  They even shot one scene in the same location as was shot in the original  Manhunter.  This movie is very good!  This is a BIG SCREEN MUST SEE.  I do recommend seeing the original after you see this one.
BANGER SISTERS Starring Goldy Hawn  and Susan Sarandon
A funny movie about two aging groupies, one who never gave up her lifestyle and one who became a rich respectable leader of society.  When the wild one, Goldy Hawn looks up the rich one, this sets up some great situations.  Add in a suicidal writer Goldy Hawn hooks up with and Susan Sarandonís two teenage daughters and you have a good mix for a funny, feel good movie. This movie is a Must See.
FOUR FEATHERS Starring Heath Ledger and Kate Hudson
Four Feathers is a grand scale epic war movie.  It is very good.  Set in the mid 1800ís  during Englandís Colonial expansion.  Five friends,  British officers,  are sent  to quell an uprising in the Sudan.  One of them has second thoughts, Heath Ledger, quits the army and is branded a coward, even by his fiancee.  After soul searching he follows his friends to the Sudan under disguise to help his friends and prove something to himself.  The love story between Heath Ledger and Kate Hudson takes some interesting twists and turns.  This movie reminded me of past epics like ZuluU and Lawrence of Arabia. This movie is a Big Screen Must See.