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Union Meeting Minutes July 10, 2002
Union Meeting Minutes
June 12, 2002

  The meeting was called to order by President Woods at 4:54 PM.  The TREASURERS REPORT was read by   T. Gannon.   A motion to accept the report as read was made by B. Almeroth and seconded by E. Moritz.  Motion  passed.  A motion to accept the minutes as printed in the Union Torch was made by J. Archer and seconded by B. Martin.  Motion passed.  
*Dave Bybee, NALC National Business Agent for the Chicago Region, passed away recently.  The Branch sent a card
*Branch 4016 is having a Golf Outing for Muscular Dystrophy on July 28, 2002  ($50 per golfer) see R. Woods for details
*Anyone who lives in the 55th Distict--Steve Brosivitz is running for office in the 55th District.  He is a labor friendly candidate.
*Dave Bybee was up for reelection at the National Convention.  Neal Tisdale is going to run in his place.
The ODL REPORT was given by Vice President March.  All work hours are equitable.
A LEGISLATIVE REPORT was given by J. Konecny.  He passed out flyers and discussed pension issues.  He visited the Hart Senate Building in Washington DC and reported unusual things, people missing, cabinets of files missing.  He reported that new Senate buildings were to be built in Maryland and Nebraska.  He reported that the Marines were unhappy due to poor equipment and firearms.  Curious happening in Washington.
The Route adjustment are due to take effect on June 29, 2002, unless a grievance is settled that constitutes what is a minor route adjustment.
*Notices were posted indicating that Route 13 and T. Luzís former Swing are up for bid and that Route 40 and 16 have been abolished. Notices were also posted indicating the changed routes on swings.  Not all carriers were notified.  The junior carrier in seniority is required 30 days notice before being excessed.  That carrier can be transferred within a 100 mile radius of his current office.  He can be excessed up to 150 miles with union approval.
*MDA Fundraising--  W. Jenrich was appointed MDA coordinator.  A donation jar or a hat will be passed at Hueso Bash III.
*CFS Problems--customer generated change of address forms are being filed with CFS and not being returned to the carriers.  
   50/50 Winners   1st  W. Jenrich   2nd  T. Gannon   Compact Florescent Light Bulbs  M. Billups and W. Jenrich
  Attendance:  D. March, R. Woods, E. Moritz, W. Jenrich, B. Martin, S. Massman, J. Archer, P. Kuchenbecker,    J. Konecny, B. Almeroth, C. Woods, T. Gannon, L. Runde, and D. Kornfeind