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Union Minutes March 2002

Union Meeting Minutes
March 13, 2002

  The meeting was called to order by President Woods at 4:45 PM.  The Treasurers Report was read by T. Gannon.  A motion to accept the report as read was made by R. Bruck and seconded by B. Martin.   A motion to accept the minutes from the February meeting as printed in the Union Torch was made by    J. Archer and seconded by P. Kuchenbecker.   The ODL Report was given by D. March.
 *National Business Agent Dave Bybee reported an announcement of withholding.  Possibly 146 employees from our district may be excessed.  Possibly 2 from the Wheaton office.   Neil Tysdale says these are only projections.  No one has been moved yet.
 *An Internet story reports the Postal Service plan on cutting 10,000 jobs.  
 *Another story reports direct marketers visions of the future of the USPS.
 * Yet another story reports House Democrats proposing a Postal Reform Bill that is being showed around the U.S. House.
* If an agreement on a new contract isnít reached by March 13, 2002, it will go to arbitration.  It is reported that the Rural Carriers got a bad deal on their contract.
 *Route Adjustments-- Management is not following the M-39.  The numbers they are using can not be used to eliminate routes.
 *March 23  Supervisors will take over timekeeping
 *The covering of RR7 at the Main Office.
   A motion was made by B. Almeroth to check into the price of a CD-ROM containing all NALC manuals.  The motion was seconded by B. Martin.
   A motion to adjourn the meeting at 5:55 PM was made by B. Almeroth  and seconded by B. Martin.
   No 50/50 drawing for March.  All tickets will be rolled into the April Drawing.  Compact Florescent Light Bulb (donated by J. Konecny)  E. Moritz.  Wallet and Keychain  D. March.
  Attendance: R. Woods, D. March, T. Gannon,            B. Martin, P. Kuchenbecker, J. Konecny, J. Archer, R. Bruck, B. Almeroth, R. Wilke, W. Jenrich, E. Moritz.