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Big Don's Movie Review's
March 2002 Reviews
by Don March

Big Screen: These are movies that should be seen on the big screen for full effect.  
Must See?   These are great movies and worth the trip to the show, but are fine on Video.
Video Must: These movies are great on video but might not be worth the ticket price.
Video:    A good video pick definitely not worth the ticket price.
Last choice: If all the good videos are rented, this might give a chuckle.
Special: These are Bad movies that might have some unique appeal.
On the Big Screen
PANIC ROOM starring Jody Foster and Forest Whitaker A perfect blend of suspense and humor creates this classic drama.  Jody Foster is newly divorced. She moves into this huge New York Brownstone with her daughter and the first night in the house a trio of burglars traps them in a unique secure room dubbed the panic room.  The movie is HOME ALONE meets Alfred Hitchcock, and the director pays homage to both in the movie.  This movie will have you on the edge of your seats.  This movie will be a classic, so I give it a MUST SEE.
BLADE II starring Wesley Snipes
Wesley Snipes is back as the vampire killer, the day walker Blade.  The movie moves fed by a near constant stream of action, it is gory and bloody.   The movie follows the first movie and captures the magic without being a carbon copy of the first one.  Blade joins in an uneasy partnership with the vampires to hunt mutant vampires called reapers. This movie is a Must See.
ICE AGE Starring the voice of Ray Romano, John Leguizano and Denis Leary   
This is a cute animated feature, not as good Shrek, but still it was decent, Good family fare and will be enjoyed by children of all ages.   The saber-tooth squirrel was hilarious.  This movie is a Video.
On Video
JOY RIDE starring Paul Walker Steve Zahn and Leelee Sobieski
It starts out slow but once gets going this movie is a good suspenseful thriller.  It is mainly geared towards teenagers but most people will enjoy it.  I had two problems with this movie.
First, how incredibly stupid can two college age guys be.  Secondly, traveling from Salt Lake City, Utah to Boulder City Colorado, how do you wind up in Wyoming.   But over all it is a good movie, so I give this movie a Video.
ON THE LINE starring Lance Bass and Joey Fatone. This movie on the surface has all the ear-marks of a disaster, but to my surprise it wasnít to bad, This is a cute funny little love story that is used as a vehicle for the acting debut of two members of  Nsync. Itís not great but it has a good story and some funny lines.  This movie is a Video.
KPAX starring Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges
A skeptical psychiatrist gets a patient who claim to be an alien from a distant planet.  More he gets to know the patient, the psychiatrist and the audience wonder more and more is he or isnít he really an alien.  This is a deep and though provoking movie till the very end.  This movie is a Video Must.