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by Don March

Big Screen: These are movies that should be seen on the big screen for full effect.  
Must See?   These are great movies and worth the trip to the show, but are fine on Video.
Video Must: These movies are great on video but might not be worth the ticket price.
Video:    A good video pick definitely not worth the ticket price.
Last choice: If all the good videos are rented, this might give a chuckle.
Special: These are Bad movies that might have some unique appeal.
On the Big Screen
SPIDER-MAN starring Toby Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and William DeFoe First true blockbuster of the 2002 summer movie season.  One of the best movie based on a comic, even better than X-Men.  Toby Magyar was a perfect choice for Spider-man.  William DeFoe was excellent as the villain Green Goblin.   The effects were seamless.  All in all a spectacular movie.  This movie is a must see Big Screen!
SCORPION KING starring The Rock, Kelly Hu and Michael Clark Duncan. This movie solidifies The Rock as the next great Hollywood action hero.  He was surprisingly good.  The movie moved at a incredible pace and the ninety minutes flew by.  Kelly Hu was very sexy as she appeared in one skimpy outfit after another.  This movie is a Must See.
VAN WILDER starring Ryan Reynolds and Tara Reid
Nation Lampoon’s latest addition to its collection of irreverent comedies.  This one is for everyone who never wanted their college years to end.  The movie is funny silly and gross, with a good story throw in.  Ryan Reynolds from “Two guys a girl and a pizza place” does an excellent job as the College kid who never wants to go on to the real world.  This movie is a Video Must.
MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING This is a sweet funny feel good movie.  A great story revolving around the long standing tradition of a Greek should only marry a Greek and the big close Greek family.  All a round a very good movie experience.. This movie is a Video Must.
On Video
LAST CASTLE starring Robert Redford and James Gandofini A very good drama featuring the antagonistic relationship between a general sent to a military prison and the sadistic officer who runs it.  Redford is very good as the general and by the end of the movie you hate James Gandofini.  This movie is a Must See.
FIFTEEN MINUTES starring Robert DiNiro and Ed Burns The price of fame and what people would do to be famous is shown, in this intriguing cop drama. There are some nice twists and DiNiro is excellent as always.  This movie is a Video Must

On the Tube
THE SHIELD on Tuesday nights at 9:00pm on FX
Produced by FX , this movie is a very hard hitting Cop drama.  It is like NYPD Blue with a very sharp and unpredictable edge.  Check this show out.