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Union Minutes-January 10, 2001

  The meeting was called to order by President Kosmach at 5:10 p.m.  A  motion was made to accept the December Minutes by Eric Moritz, seconded by Ron Woods.  Treasurerís Report was given by Tim Gannon. A motion to accept the Treasurerís Report made by Mike Marnell seconded by Eric Moritz.  An ODL Report was given by Ron Woods.
   The Social Recreationship Committee was discussed. topics included Retirement Parties for the 7 most recent retirees and allocating $10-20 for flowers for hospitalized employees.  Another discussion occurred relating to the stand up talk given by the Postmaster about productivity.  Due to poor productivity numbers starting will be moved back to 7:15 at the Main and 7:30 at Danada.
   The Labor Management Meeting was discussed.
   Committee of Presidents Convention in Atlantic City Feb 25-27, 2001 was discussed.  A motion was made by Liz Kirby and seconded by Bonnie Martin to send Joni Kosmach to the Convention. The State Convention in Peoria June 28-30, 2001 was also discussed.
   Eric Moritz and Marvin Billups were selected as coordinators for the 2001 NALC FOOD DRIVE   May 12, 2001
   Motion to adorn meeting at 6:27 p.m. was made by Bonnie Martin and seconded by Larry Emma.  COLCPE Drawing winners 1st Sell Knox, 2nd  ĎSmokiní Joe Koncecny

   Attendance:  Ron Bruck, John Archer, Bonnie Martin, Tim Gannon, Bruce Almeroth, Eric Moritz, Ron Woods, Mike Marnell, Joe Konecny, Jerry Tufano, Liz Kirby, Larry Emma, and Rich Wilke