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Labor Management Meeting Jan. 2001

Topics discussed at the Labor Management Meeting included:

*Construction-Duct cleaning at Main Office update, Joe Hale is shopping for more estimates
*Acquiring Safety Reports from the last 3 years
*Converting Route 20 to a Regular Route-An inspection was agreed to, when the snow melts
*New Swing for the 4 Routes without T-6s, checking into the possibility of changing swings
*T-6 Scheduling
*Scanner sign out is eliminated
*Extra Rain Gear for PTFs-4 ponchos are to be ordered 2 for the Main 2 for Danada
*7 Routes are still to be converted to composite bundle system-a time was not given, but is expected to to be done as soon as possible
*2 Ton Training-2 PTFs are to be trained for the 2 ton
*Union Room at the Main Office is ready-Postmaster is to find key, new copier purchased and to be delivered when we get a key
*For anyone needing a locker at the Main Office contact Joe Hale
*First Aid Kits Restocking
*Budget Concerns-overtime, V-time