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Union Minutes
past minutes

Union Meeting Minutes
April 10, 2002

  The meeting was called to order by President Woods at 4:45 PM.  A motion to accept the minutes as printed in the Union Torch was made by B. Martin and seconded by P. Kuchenbecker.   An ODL Report was given by D. March.  The ODL hours were equalized over two quarters.   The Treasurers Report was read by T. Gannon.  A motion to accept the report as read was made by B. Martin and seconded by D. March.
  There was a brief discussion on the Post Office proposing five day delivery.  The cons of universal delivery and the costs of operating smaller offices was also dicussed.  
No Communications were received this month
*The scheduling of the College Run at the Main Office and scheduling in general was discussed.
*Timekeeping at the Main Office
*The Union is not involved in the route change process due to management violating the contract by not following the M-39.  Management not following the M-39 has been a problem thoughout the Northern Illinois District.
*A Legislative Update was made by J. Konecny.
*Change of Address forms generated from the 1-800 number are not getting back to the carriers in a timely manner.  The forms are going to CFS first and not getting to the carriers until weeks after the forward has started.
A motion to adjourn the meeting at 5:45 PM was made by J. Archer seconded by D. Kornfiend.
   50/50 Winners   1st  E. Campbell   2nd  J. Konecny  Compact Florescent Light Bulb (donated by J. Konecny)  D. March
  Attendance:  R. Woods, D. March, W. Jenrich, E. Moritz, B. Martin, C. Woods, P. Kuchenbecker, J. Archer,
D. Kornfiend, M. Bailey, G. Harris, T. Gannon, R. Wilke, S. Massman, J. Konecny and D. Triplett