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Letter from the President
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LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT   Feb 2001          

As I stated in a previous letter, it is a different year but it's the same old song and dance, We, the carriers, are still being blamed for the demise of the Postal Service. We are too greedy, we don't work hard enough and we are not productive. Management has their rhymes and reasons for doing what they do. But in the end, we as carriers do what we have to do and have been doing it for years the way they want us to do it. The bottom line is that we maintain our professionalism and get the job done successfully despite managements' flaw riddled plans. We as carriers should be proud of the work we are doing because we all know that we are the backbone of the Postal Service and if anyone is going to save it from ruin, it will be us. We need to keep standing tall, proud and united.
At the next Union meeting, Wed. Feb. l4, nominations for all officers will be made. Ballots will be sent out to your homes within 7 days of the meeting. I urge you all to exercise your union right to participate and vote for the candidates you feel will best serve your Union. The ballots will be counted and the winners announced at the

March l4 meeting.

Respectfully,     JONI